Agincourt Mazda - Member of UCDA

October 31 2015, Agincourt Mazda

Agincourt Mazda - Member of UCDA

What is UCDA?

The UCDA is a not-for-profit association of over 4400 motor vehicle dealers across Ontario. The goal is to help foster a fair used vehicle buying experience that safeguards both the consumer and the dealer.

Who are their members?

Each of our members are local, registered dealers with the Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council (OMVIC, the government regulator), and contributes to a consumer compensation fund designed to protect consumers.

What can UCDA members offer?

  •     Full Disclosure
  •     Vehicle Guarantees
  •     Financing Options
  •     Lien-Free Vehicles
  •     Extended Warranties
  •     After Sale Service
  •     Trade-in Options for Considerable Tax Savings

What are UCDA's code of ethics?

  • To present vehicles honestly and disclose all important facts about the vehicle
  • To ensure that consumers have an accurate understanding of the products and services offered
  • To ensure there are no prior loans outstanding on the vehicle
  • To deliver on all promises
  • To deal with justifiable complaints promptly
  • To contribute to a consumer compensation fund for the protection of the consumer

What are the benefits of buying used vehicles from a UCDA member?

  • UCDA member dealers ensure you get the 13% trade-in tax savings.
  • Dealers have access to financing programs and can offer trade-in options which can make your used car purchase more affordable.
  • Dealers can offer warranties and after-sale service for used vehicles. Consumers also have access to a compensation fund for their protection.
  • Dealers guarantee that the vehicles they sell aren't stolen and don't have any liens against them. They must also supply you with all known material facts about the vehicle, such as previous accidents.
  • When a dealer buys a car to resell, he has it thoroughly inspected and refurbished - both mechanically and cosmetically. That usually accounts for most of any difference in cost between buying privately and from a dealer. 
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