Mazda Hailed as Most Fuel Efficient Automaker

February 06 2019, Agincourt Mazda

Mazda Hailed as Most Fuel Efficient Automaker

Though hybrid and electric cars have been making the rounds among auto shows and dealership showrooms for years now, it's only recently that automakers have begun to take the green initiative seriously-thanks to new fuel economy standards imposed by the US government.

Thanks to Mazda's SkyActiv-G internal combustion gasoline engines, the automaker has been deemed the most fuel efficient in America. Despite being smaller in size, offerings, and R&D departments, it still managed to beat out giants like Toyota and luxury tech-driven brands like Prius. Mazda's current fuel economy statistics averaged among its 12 models, is an impressive 27.5 MPG.

To further prove its point, its upcoming Mazda 6 with the i-Eloop super-capacitor system is rated at a remarkable 40 MPG highway and it's not even a hybrid! The i-Eloop system utilizes regenerative braking technology to up the value of the driver's gas buck. The energy captured by braking powers the car's electronic systems such as climate control, saving the car's fuel for the wheels.

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