Mazda to Unveil Next-Gen Technologies at Tokyo Motor Show

January 21 2019, 401 Dixie Mazda

Mazda to Unveil Next-Gen Technologies at Tokyo Motor Show

Mazda to unveil next-gen technologies at Tokyo Motor Show

At Tokyo Motor Show, Mazda will unveil its next-generation technologies and design which will pave the way for the accomplishment of Mazda's long-term development vision.

Two new concepts will be on display from Mazda at the Motor Show, one that features the company's next-gen products and another that embodies the direction of the company's next generation design.

The SKYACTIV-X next-gen gasoline engine will also be on display as a technology exhibit.

Mazda has committed to enriching people's lives through "Celebrate Driving" by continuing to offer cars that celebrate the driving experience, enrich lives and build a strong bond with customers.

A compact hatchback (The product concept model) featuring next-gen technology and design will premier at the show. The concept adopted the SKYACTIV-Vehicle Architecture, next-gen technologies and is powered by SKYACTIV-X. The concept is set to become the world's first commercial gasoline engine that uses compression ignition.

The second concept is the Design Vision model which serves to provide a more profound expression of Mazda's KODO design which was debuted on the Mazda CX-5 in 2012.

A special edition Mazda Roadster will also be on display at the show. 

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