The Collected Wisdom about Winter Tires

October 03 2015, Agincourt Mazda

The Collected Wisdom about Winter Tires

One of the biggest issues facing drivers every year is whether to use all-season tires for the winter or purchase snow tires. The efficiency of winter tires greatly surpasses that of all-season tires once temperatures fall below 7°C.

As the temperature falls, the rubber in summer and all-season tires becomes inflexible, killing traction. Watch the thermometer and use common sense, because no one will tell you exactly when to put on snow tires (unless you live in Quebec, where the law dictates that your car is equipped with winter tires between Dec. 15 and March 15).

All-season tires are a bad compromise. On snow, ice or cold pavement, the stopping distance of a car with winter tires can be up to 30 to 40 percent shorter than one with all-seasons. Since the force of a crash increases as the square of impact speed, this could be the difference between life and death.

All-wheel drive helps you accelerate, not stop. On slippery surfaces, vehicles with four driving wheels can accelerate better than those with two-wheel drive. But their cornering and braking capabilities are little different than a two-wheel-drive model. When you're trying to stop or turn, the limits are determined by the traction capabilities of your tires, not the number of driven wheels.

Black ice is not a death sentence. Good winter tires can stick to glare ice, but only if they are within their traction limits. If your car begins to slide, look straight down the road to where you need to go and maintain a light grip on the wheel. As the car decelerates, you will gradually regain control as the tire's rubber begins gripping surface imperfections on the ice. Slow speed and gentle control inputs will maintain traction.

Tire specialists say they're used to seeing motorists wait until the last minute to have their tires changed and say that the first snowfall of the winter season always brings out the long waiting line.

Once we get into the last week of October, and into November it's just going to be crazy. Act now and secure your winter tire package today. We offer free storage until you are ready to install them. Offer ends on October 31st, 2014. For complete details please contact us today.

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